Disney 3v3 Tournament Info

Disney 3v3 Tournament FAQ's 

  • When/ where departing and arriving. Trainers planning leaving Friday afternoon/night (depending on flight availability.  Coming back Monday afternoon/evening (depending on flight availability)  Parents are free to stay longer if they see fit, make a nice vacation out of it if they choose to. 
  • Are you going to book hotels for kids? – Parents can do this directly.  Once we get a headcount on how many players are going we are going to ask the travel agent to reserve a block of rooms.  Parents will get a link and they can reserve the rooms.
  • Do parents go too. Yes, parents can go and it is highly recommended as it is a fun friendly family event.
  • How much parents pay.   Parents are responsible for accommodation and food.  The $250 doesn’t include the flight/food/hotel.  
  • What does the $250 cover? The $250 covers the following per player: 
    • Coaches Flight
    • Coaches Hotel
    • 4x practices specific for 3v3 tournament 
    • Disney tournament fee 
    • Attend two club sponsored local tournaments (based on availability of team)
    • 25% discount offered for families of more 3 or more kids on the program.
  • If parents go how to book hotel? Parents can book the same room, via the same link. Hotel rooms accommodate families.
  • If parents don’t go are the kids go to the airport and come back with the group or  each family is responsible to deliver the child. Safety is very important, therefore if you plan on sending your kid alone, please make sure you are responsible for assigning a parent to look after your child, and let the trainer and manager aware, this way we can all be on the lookout and help each other.  This is a big complex, secure but big.  
  • How's the competition for younger kids, is it worth it to go? There is a bracket for U7 onwards.  Competition varies, it is a great family experience that everyone will enjoy and remember.  Trainers will assign the kids based on their skill level and put on their appropiate flight bracket.
  • Will there be team meals for the kids (and parents) or do parents fend for themselves? Parents are responsible for food/accommodation for their party including the player. 
  • What if more than 5 or 6 want to go from a team? Would we make 2 teams or will there be one team with a tryout/trainer decision? Coach Josh and Ashley will make the decision once we get the final numbers, but what we want is that if we have more than 6 kids going either they all be in one team or be put on another team in case another team is in need of players.  More information will be available once the final numbers of players are confirmed. 
  • Who assigns where my kids should play?  Coach Josh and Ashley are the only ones making decisions about rosters, with the help of their trainer staff. 
  • What if there are game conflicts? We would try our best to make sure all games are spread out this way there are no conflicts for boys and girls trainers, this is up to the tourney director.  In case there are conflicts, we would have backup managers that would be allowed to help on the sidelines, when trainers are coaching other teams.  For example, Coach Gary from U12 Boys have been with the boys from U8, in case there is a conflict with his game, Coach Gary will coach his team while trainers are looking at their respective teams. Coach Josh will schedule a parent/manager meeting to go over some basic 3v3 rules, as well be allowed to be on the sidelines while the kids play in their  local 3v3 tournament. 

Why 3v3?  3v3 soccer is the BEST way to develop the following soccer skills:

  • Create more touches per player
  • Learn spacing / supporting shape
  • Win 1v1 battles using support & balance from teammates
  • Develop more confidence in attacking & defending
  • Increase ball possession & build confidence in controlling the ball in tight spaces
  • Enhance players’ speed of play, field vision, & field awareness
  • More info here

Disney 3v3 Link: https://www.espnwwos.com/events/soccer/disney-3v3-soccer-championship/

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