CSF Practice Times from March 26 though March 30

Here is the latest news regarding practice this week at CSF.

Well finally some good news. We are able to procure at least the soccer field at CSF. Greg Tonnon informed me that the softball teams will not be practicing at CSF until 3/31 so we can use their time slots from 5-9, Monday, 3/26 through Friday, 3/30. I also went through Dawn Dapuzzo to make sure that I contacted the correct parties.

Since almost the entire club is using the Red Bulls, we will use the trainers and the time slots as listed on the home page of our website that contains the Red Bulls trainers as the teams that have the rights to the soccer field. The teams using the Elite trainer will get at least one half of the field. Teams like the u8 and u9 teams should only take a quarter of the field and share the other quarter with another small-sided u8 or u9 team. For Example, tomorrow DiScola will be there from 4:45 to 6:15 and he can share the field with Twiss. I have from 6:15 – 7:45 and I can share with Jordan u8.

Please do not put a full-sided team with a small-sided on one half of the field since the small-sided team is using the trainer.

The travel baseball teams will be at the field. If they show up then WE MUST give way to them for areas that we are using outside of the soccer field.

If they do not show up then you can carve out some space and play.

The non-trainer schedule for regular practices located on our website will be the bible as to who should be there or not and those teams will have to take a chance and see if space is available.

So here is an example just to be clear.

Tomorrow’s schedule is:

On the soccer field:

4:45-6:15 DiScola U8

6:15-7:45 Gatta U8

7:45-9:15 Open


4:45-6:15 Open

6:15-7:45 Gallinghouse U12

7:45-9:15 Kayal U14


Teams taking a chance:

Gilmour U9

Lombardi U12


Use this example to determine what day and time you should be at CSF but your parents must know that if you are taking a chance that it is open and they must stay at the field.

The Red Bulls will be contacted to come tomorrow except for one team that is going to be away.

I will put this entire email on the website in a few minutes and also use it as proof in case someone asks you to leave the field.