Mahwah Raiders soccer extravaganza experience in Spain

3 Raiders team represented USA, NJ at a prestigious tournament in Spain

Mahwah Raiders soccer extravaganza experience in Spain

Three Mahwah Raiders Team participated in a 12 day trip to Spain 

Mahwah, NJ: Three Mahwah Raiders teams attended a 12-day soccer trip to Spain that included Madrid, and Benidorm.  B2008, B2005 and G2005 represented Mahwah Soccer and competed in a 5 day soccer tournament in Benidorm, Spain.  Apart from soccer, players and parents had a true European soccer cultural experience and at the same time see the beautiful country of Spain.

Director of Coaching - Josh Kenworthy had this to say "This was the first time in club history we sent more than one team to Europe.  This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience not only for the players but for the coaches, and parents as well.  From a soccer standpoint, we had our B2008 played against a team from Japan, to the B2005 boys to play against a selected team from Madrid, to the G2005 girls to play as well as scrimmage with a Spanish Liga Division 1 team.  The fact that as a club we challenged ourselves to take 3 teams shows the character, leadership, innovation, and passion of our board which got this together, and executed in such a perfect fashion"

The trip was 12 days, first stop was Madrid where the players had practiced the same day.  The teams stayed in Madrid for 4 days, 3 practice sessions, and 2 scrimmages.  Aside from soccer, the club organized daily events to show the cultural and culinary side of Spain.  This way everyone got a taste of Spanish history! 

After Madrid, the teams headed to Benidorm, Spain.  Benidorm is a beach resort area located in the Mediterranean side.  The Costa Blanca Cup tournament was 5 days, and teams had a game each day.  Aside from the wins, and losses everyone got to see how Spain breathes soccer along with the perfectly organized tournament. 

Byron Diaz President of Mahwah Raiders had this to say " As a parent to see all the kids faces during practices, scrimmages, tournaments, sightseeing, was something that I will never forget.  These kids will never forget that they went to Spain to compete and went against top Spanish competitors. The fact that as a club we were able to pull this off, goes to show how much the Mahwah Raiders Board cares about all kids in the program.  It was hard work, but looking back it was well worth it.  This would not have been possible without the assistance of our Parent Managers, they kept everyone communicated with a daily plan of action.  Last to the rest of the parents, everyone went in cold with no expectations, and came out happy, grateful to share this experience with their kids.  Special thanks to Fran Lozano for making all the arrangements happen in such a professional manner, and showed us a small portion of his beautiful country.  Also, Coach Carlos for helping out, Coach Josh and I learned a lot from these two coaches, and we will bring some off their coaching methods back to the States."

-Mahwah Raiders SC